Education Insight

Our Commitment and guiding principles

Education Insight is a higher education research consultancy that specialises in global engagement. We work with clients and stakeholders across the world. Depending on the project we engage in, we work in teams with higher education experts in niche areas. Our guiding principles are those of equality, inclusion, and mutuality. We embed anti-racism principles to guide our work with colleagues globally.

We work as a virtual team of experts, brought together by shared values and principles which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Anti-racism commitment, embedding diversity, equity and inclusion strategy as guiding principles in our work
  • Equitable access to work opportunities by supporting female professionals and colleagues with family and caring responsibilities who are unable to fit into standard working day hours
  • Active contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - a global commitment uniting 193 nations to the world’s sustainable development agenda
  • Environmentally friendly mode of work. We work as a virtual team, seeking to strengthen the contribution and amplify the voice of communities with limited access to international education conferences, discussions and professional development. Education Insight is an active supporter of the Climate Action Network for International Education (CANIE)
  • Inclusive leadership